Rival Revenge (Canterwood Crest, #7)

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Canterwood Crest: Rival Revenge was very good. Rival Revenge (Canterwood Crest, #7) PDF EBook It is about a girl who lives at a boarding school called Canterwood Crest Academy. You must have a special talent or activity you are good at. Sasha Silver, the main character, is an amazing horse rider who is on the Youth Equestrian National Team (YENT). There is a lot of pressure in Sasha's life, between riding, boyfriends, and best friends. She becomes so overwhelmed that she even fainted while she was riding.

I though this book was pretty good. This is the seventh book of the series and I have read all the ones before it too. It was kind of boring at first, but the action started to pick up as I went. I think the biggest reason I like this series is because Sasha is an equestrian rider, just like me. She is a lot better than me, but we have the same passion for horses. My favorite part was at the end when Sasha caught Jasmine(her enemy)on tape saying that she made it look like Julia and Allison(Two of Sasha's friends)cheated on a big exam and they were suspended from riding for six months. Jasmine got in so much trouble that she was expelled.
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