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The Good Doctor presents the history of the Roman Republic, from 1,000 B. Roman Republic PDF EBookC. to 27 B.C. when Octavian assumed the name of Augustus and the rank of CAesar; download; delivering it with his usual inimitably lucid and witty style. This is another one of the Good Doctor's many enjoyable and informative narratives covering the history of civilization.

They each share his entertaining style and reveal his appreciation of the sweep of grand events, as well as his enthusiasm for the intimate and obscure details in the lives of key individuals, be they kings or eunuchs, philosophers or warriors, scientists of explorers.

This particular volume covers the era of the Roman Republic from its early foundation as the legendary refuge of the survivors of Troy, as recounted in Aeneid, to the accession of Augustus Caesar and its transition into the Roman Empire, itself the subject of another book.

The Good Doctor describes Rome's early struggle for survival against the Italian tribes and the Etruscans, including the war with the Sabines. Then he covers the events of the first and second Punic Wars against the former Phoenecian colony of Carthage, including the campaigns of Hasdrubal and his son Hannibal, and the eventual destruction of Carthage following Hannibals defeat at the Battle of Zama at the hands of Scipio Africanus.

He describes Julius Caesar's rise to fame due to his successful campaign in Gaul, the subsequent Roman Civil War between Caesar's legions and those of Pompey the Great, and Caesar's assassination leading to a resumption of the war and the ultimate accession to power of Caesar's adoptive son Octavian as Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor. Like this book? Read online this: Julius Caesar, Roman's Redemption (Roman, #2).

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