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A REVEALING MEMOIR FROM ONE OF THE TOP FIGURES IN 20TH CENTURY EDUCATIONEducator, philosopher, and author of more than 20 books, John I. Romances With Schools PDF EBook Goodlad has been the source of many of the seminal ideas in public education in North America. In this absorbing account of a life devoted to educating children, Goodlad paints a portrait of the North American educational system and its evolution over most of the past century.

Interlacing fascinating details from Goodlad's life with reflections on the philosophy and practice of education, "Romances with Schools "takes readers on a journey beginning during the Great Depression in the one- PDFroom schoolhouse where Goodlad began his education, through his years as a teacher and educational activist in the 1940s and '50s, and up through his tenure as dean of Graduate Education at UCLA. Along the way, he explores important issues in education, such as the value of grade-assigned schooling, the role of examinations and standardized testing, the fundamental aims of education, and how education in America can and must be improved. Like this book? Read online this: American Higher Education In The Twenty First Century, Wednesday Romances.

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