Romancing the Dog

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Author Marion Zola (All the Good Ones are Married) lovingly depicts how she and her husband adopted “Chips” from a local rescue group – and got a little more than they bargained for when they brought him home to Beverly Hills!

Chips manages to single- PDFhandedly supply all the drama, happiness, worry and guilt of a handful of children. Romancing the Dog PDF EBook And, like all pets, he enlarges and enriches their lives in ways they never expected – bringing new friends into it and teaching them lessons about the special bond between people and their animal companions.

“Anyone who loves dogs will find this journey
moving and funny and well worth taking.You won’t want it to end.”Warren Eckstein, Host of the nationally syndicated “The Pet Show” and author of “How to Get Your Dog to do What you Want”. Like this book? Read online this: Oven Chips for Tea, Romancing the Shadow.

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