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Poetry. Saline PDF EBook "In the ribbons the light makes between night and the window. Objects offer only their parts, only an angle of their face. A cactus seen from a bedroom appears dense as an animal, a hot black being crouched outside on the gravel. The scent of another girl's dresses and her lace church gloves on the white formica dresser strangely suburban in the this adobe house, in this teeming Sonoran desert"—from Saline. "Again and again, a mindful image is cut out of the background of the world and then placed over another context, while the hollow shape left in the background is filled in by an image from a new context... In this regard, thoughts steals back and forth between objects and words, revealing a world of firefly details that comes close to descriptive hallucination"—Charles Borkhuis. Like this book? Read online this: World Regions in Global Context, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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