Samantha's Journey

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Haunted by the past. Samantha's Journey PDF EBook..Samantha McLean has a terrible scare when she sees Cindy, her adoptive sister, fall over Whitebrook's track rail during a workout. Cindy's accident is frighteningly similar to the one that caused Samantha's mother's death years earlier.

Cindy's accident brings forth a flood of troubling memories for Samantha. She begins reliving the traumatic years which followed her mother's death—a difficult time when she and her father, Ian McLean, travelled aimlessly across the country in search of a place where they could rebuild their lives. Will Samantha rediscover happiness at Whitebrook farm? Or will she be tormented forever by the tragedies of her past?

Read all the books in the Thoroughbred series and experience the thrill of riding and racing, along with Ashleigh Griffen, Samantha McLean, Cindy McLean and their beloved horses. Like this book? Read online this: Samantha's World, Samantha's World.

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