Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists

PDF EBook by Raghuram G. Rajan

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What is the secret of prosperity? Why are the rich rich and the poor poor? The answer lies in the structure of financial markets and the willingness to allow the capitalist system to let "creative destruction" work its wealth- PDFcreating wonders. Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists PDF EBook Financial markets are the least understood and most highly criticized part of the capitalist system. The greed of participants involved in scandals like Enron adds fuel to the fire that these markets are a tool of the rich. Powerful interest groups oppose markets, especially financial markets, because markets undermine their power. Winners in the market want to entrench their position and prevent others from breaking through by suppressing markets. Losers would also like to suppress the market because they cannot compete. Saving Capitalism From the Capitalists explores how financial markets free human ingenuity, make nations competitive and are the basis for broadening prosperity. Like this book? Read online this: The Electronic Financial Markets of the Future, Saving Forever - Part 3 (Saving Forever, #3).

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