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This book included information about a variety of approaches and reasons to homeschool (and even reasons not to homeschool). Schooling at Home PDF EBook It really got me thinking in directions I hadn't considered. The biggest bit for me to chew on is the freedom homeschooling parents have when it comes to how to teach their children. There's no rule that says homeschooling parents need to homeschool kindergarten through high school without ever sending their children to formal school, no rule that says if parents start with workbooks and textbooks and set curricula they need to stay with those methods, and no rule that says one needs to use the same approach for each subject. Seems pretty basic, but it's not something I had considered before.

I didn't read the "legal" section of the book. It was written in 1990 and knowing that regulations vary state to state and even school district to school district, I figured I'd do better doing my own research about legal issues. This book did give me a great start, though. I'm glad I picked it up. Like this book? Read online this: 旧校舎のディアボロス / Diabolus of the Old School Building (High School DxD, #1), The Privatization of Schooling.

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