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Though now somewhat dated, this remains a lovely collection to dip in and out of because Belloc’s verse is simply so fascinating. Selected Cautionary Verses PDF EBook

Take “The microbe” for example.Firstly, how many poets write about microbial life?Not many that I’m aware of.And yet even just four lines rolling off the tongue:

“…His jointed tongue that lies beneath
A hundred curious rows of teeth; download;
His sevn tufted tails with lots
Of lovely pink and purple spots, …”

is more than enough to set the imagination reeling.Not just a hundred rows of teeth (visions of MRSA, anyone?) but CURIOUS rows of teeth (like a deep sea angler fish?)

Period detail may date; but Belloc’s theatrical vision lives on.This is verse to act to; but probably better to avoid at bedtime story time.
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