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I used to really be into True Crime until I had to put those books down. Serial Killers PDF EBook Books like these made me jump at shadows and peer through the curtains whenever a truck backfired out on the street. So, I have officially stopped reading these and good for me becuase it gets to a point when you really understand that the victims in these stories were real people, and this is not fiction, but true pain that has been experienced in order to bring these books to publication. In short, it got to me.
but that said, I really, really enjoyed this book by Time Life Books. It covers (If I remember correctly, Ted bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Nielsen, and...someone else- PDFmaybe Jeffrey Dahmer. idk). The book doesn not shed any new light or give any new information on any of these killers or their victims, it's more like a re-telling of a thousand things already published. even the pictures in this book are nothing new: we've seen them all in other publications (online aside).
But if you're a fan of True Crime then you'll like it, regardless. If you already have books on these killers then don't waste your money because you won't get anything new here, or crime scene photos. Okay, I'm rambling now so I'm going to say goodbye and end this tired review. BYE^.^

PS I'm guessing at the date in which I finished this book, but it's been some years. Like this book? Read online this: Children's books (Picture Book for ages 3-8, Beginner readers, Bedtime story): Social skills for kids-Children's EBook (I Love to...Bedtime ... stories children's books collection 7), Talking with Serial Killers.

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