Shades of Simon Gray

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Simon Gray is the ideal teenager — smart, reliable, hardworking, trustworthy. Shades of Simon Gray PDF EBook Or is he? After Simon crashes his car into The Liberty Tree, another portrait starts to emerge. Soon an investigation has begun into computer hacking at Simon’s high school, for it seems tests are being printed out before they are given. Could Simon be involved?

Simon, meanwhile, is in a coma — but is this another appearance that may be deceiving? For inside his own head, Simon can walk around and talk to some people. He even seems to be having a curious conversation with a man who was hung for murder 200 years ago, in the branches of the same tree Simon crashed into. What can a 200- PDFyear-old murder have to do with Simon’s accident? And how do we know who is really innocent and who is really guilty? Like this book? Read online this: Simon and Sir, Father Knows Best (Shades Of Gray, #2).

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