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This game was really cool, though like many roleplaying games, unfortunately complexity is the rule. Shadowrun. Corsa nelle ombre PDF EBook However it was unique in many ways, and it is that uniqueness that pretty much catapults this game to the top of the game ladder. In a way it surpasses Dungeons and Dragons, but with me Dungeons and Dragons always has a place in my heart. The reason I say this is because Dungeons and Dragons was designed as and has always been, a very generic fantasy roleplaying game. One can take the system and pretty much put it into any setting (though some require much more work than others). This meant that the game was not tied to a specific world.
What sets Shadowrun apart is the rules. Unlike many roleplaying games, Shadowrun only uses six- PDFsided dice, however they are used in such a way as to create complexity in the game system. As a friend once said, 'Shadowrun uses dice in a way that I have never thought possible'. A similar system was also developed by Whitewolf with initially Vampire the Masquarade, but later with all of the World of Darkness settings.
The setting of Shadowrun was different, however it is tied directly into this setting. While one could transfer the rules to another setting, much more work would be required to adapt it as such. The setting is the world, originally 60 years in the future, but now more like 40. In the intervening time, magic had returned to the world, corporations have replaced governments as the rulers, and technology has advanced to the point where we can enter computers with our mind, and also enhance our physical attributes with technology.
While the magic aspect sets it apart, the other aspects have clearly been borrowed from Gibson's Nueromancer. In fact Nueromancer is recommended reading for Shadowrun. As such, it is difficult to say that Shadowrun is visionary with regards to how society has developed, namely because Gibson had envisioned that years before hand. Still, nobody could have ever imagined that computers and the internet would become such a dominant part of our lives. When I was a kid, the only computers in our suburb were owned by my father and two others. However, as I entered High School the Commodore 64 suddenly hit the shelves, and pretty much dominated the home-computer scene are at least 8 years. The Commodore is now a distance memory, and game consols are now the norm (and everybody pretty much owns a computer). As for cybertechnology, unfortunately we are simply nowhere near that yet. Like this book? Read online this: The Red Hand of Doom (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure), Correre con il branco - La filosofia della corsa e tutto quello che ho imparato dalla natura selvaggia.

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