Shakespeare's Division of Experience

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William Shakespeare regarded men and women quite differently. Shakespeare's Division of Experience PDF EBook In his early plays, the so- PDFcalled masculine qualities of prowess, bravery, and individualism were accorded more respect than "feminine" attributes of mercy, compassion, and intuitiveness. Yet, in his later plays, there is evidence of a reversal in Shakespeare's attitudes, a new fear of the power of the masculine principle and new admiration for the feminine.
Marilyn French, author of the acclaimed novels THE WOMEN'S ROOM and THE BLEEDING HEART, offers a feminist perspective on each of Shakespeare's plays. More than a brilliantly original literary interpretation, this fascinating volume provides penetrating insight into attitudes toward men, women, love, and power in Western culture.
"A feminist's view of William Shakespeare . . . Quite dazzling." — The New York Times
"An ambitious work . . . conveys the fresh excitement of interpretative discovery . . . insightful . . . seductive and nutritive." — The Washington Post Book World Like this book? Read online this: Shakespeare's History Plays, Shakespeare Survey 38 - Shakespeare And History, Vol. 38.

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