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Of the four Watt “Learning with Animals” board books I’ve recently read (the other three are colors, alphabet, opposites) this is my least favorite. Shapes PDF EBook

Yes, her illustrations are beautiful, and colorful, although I don’t enjoy the art in these books as much as I do in her Chester and Scaredy Squirrel books. However, in a way I didn’t appreciate, she really stretches things re the shapes. Whales are not shaped exactly like rectangles, turtles not like pentagons, etc. So the pictures looked weird to me, and not shown accurately. At least each animal got another word, a verb, for what they’re doing in the pictures, so it makes reading this book slightly more interesting than if the animals’ names and the shape names were the only words in the book. Like this book? Read online this: Catalogue of English song books forming a portion of the library of Sir John Stainer, with appendices of foreign song books, collections of carols, books on bells, &c, My First Look at Shapes.

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