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This book is somewhere between a memoir, essays, and a love poem for Leslie Feinberg (Pratt's spouse. S/He PDF EBook A male- PDFidentified person in a female body, well a bit more complicated than that. And often very complicated when the society and government want to classify one's gender as a tick box in forms and papers).
Thought-provoking and still relatively airy considering the subject.

Gender is definitely something more of a fluid concept than just a m/f tick box in forms. No one's 100 % male, no one 100 % female (at least no one I've ever known). The body is one thing, and that is forced to be compliant to one gender sex's definition before one is released from a hospital after birth, but the *internal* how one thinks and feels is not that easy to measure. Most people are probably 70-80 % thinking the way of their gender by sex (of the body they are in), 20-30 % of the opposite gender. But what happens when one is 50 - 50 %? And what when the way of thinking starts to be much more 'appropriate' for the people of the other sex/gender? Not all bother to switch the appearance of the body, or to tick any other than the expected boxes in the forms. Yet when the internal is 70-80 % the ways of the gender associated with the other sex isn't that sort of lying too? Why don't they simply ask for sex instead of gender where they want a simple m/f choice? I guess I'm curious about the fluidity of gender, and would have hoped there would be more about that in the book. It's much more of a personal memoir to Leslie - still beautifully airy at times. Like this book? Read online this: Gender And Law, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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