Shelby's Journal (Fallen Shorts, #3.1)

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what i wanna know, is when shelby got all incense and bad vibes and stuff. Shelby's Journal (Fallen Shorts, #3.1) PDF EBook in all the other shorts shes just a kid with a bad past. and suddenly, and in the book too, shes all like my sage leaves FINALLY came. like wtf is that about?
also i revoke what i said about how she doesnt remember him. obviously i hadnt read this one yet, since im reading them chronologically, i can hardly be blamed.
also, no one is that honest with themselves that they actually side with the other person. "I was a complete bitch to her" "Well i dont blame her because i am awful." really? no one talks down to themselves. "whatever i was wrong it was nothing" like wow thats good. nice character favoritism. thats the thing about characters. they always think theyre right. Like this book? Read online this: A Race Is a Nice Thing to Have, General Jo Shelby.

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