Sherlock Holmes and the Man Who Lost Himself

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There are only X number of real Sherlock Holmes stories, so, having made my way through those several times, I have been collecting Sherlock Holmes pastiches over the years. Sherlock Holmes and the Man Who Lost Himself PDF EBook The Man Who Lost Himself is one of these.

This book would have been much better (considering it's not A. Conan Doyle's work) had it stuck to the main story at hand: A man comes to see Holmes and Watson at 221B with an incredible story.It seems that his wife was not feeling well, so he took her to a local physician.The physician was not there at the time, but his wife insisted on staying and went into the examining room.Some time went by, and the wife never came out.When the man went into check, he saw a nurse, but no wife.He returned to his home only to find that the house he thought was his was occupied by a man who swore he had been there three years.On going to his back for funds, he found out he had never banked there. It is a puzzling mystery indeed, and Holmes & download; Watson are on the case immediately.

Considering that the book is only 112 pages long, you'd think that the author could have developed the story a bit better.The parts directly connected with this man's plight were quite good and well told.However, the author throws in an ape, a jewelry theft in France and various other silliness so that the main thread doesn't have time to develop into something better.

Oh well. If you're a Sherlock Holmes pastiche fan, you'll want to read it, but beware.If you are considering reading Sherlock Holmes stories, do start with the originals before you do the pastiches.

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