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The title snagged my attention since I use "Shift Happens" as a tagline for my new website. Shift Happens! PDF EBook Happily, the material Holden presents is upbeat and somewhat similar to the book I'm working on, but not so similar as to dissuade me from my project.

Occasionally, finding ideas with which I'm already familiar dampens my enthusiasm for a book. In this case however, I felt as if another teacher spoke into my life to encourage and remind me of wise principles I'm choosing to embrace more and more.

"Defenses are made of fear. When you defend yourself, you become a fugitive on the run from fear. ...This is true of every defense mechanism, be it cynicism, avoidance, hiding or denial. .. It is a myth that defenses make you strong. You cannot be defensive and be free. You cannot suppress feelings and feel whole. You cannot hide wounds and fell safe. You cannot shut down and shine. You cannot be cynical and inspired. You cannot side with fear and also be open to love." Like this book? Read online this: Tom Strong, Book 6, Shift Happens.

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