Shipwreck (Island, #1)

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There is six kids sent onto a boat, which crashes. Shipwreck (Island, #1) PDF EBook There names are:Luke, J.J. Will, Lyssa, Charla, and Ian. They all didn't want to be on the boat in the first place. They were sent there as a character- PDFbuilding experience, because they were bad kids and didn't get along with anyone. The ship they are on drives into a storm and the boat wrecks. The killed all of the adults. The kids end up on a deserted island. So now the survival tactics begin. The only problem is none of the kids like eachother. Luke, Will and J.J. are all athletic and quiet. Lyssa, Charla and Ian are quite lazy and also don't talk very much.

This book is the first book of a three book series. It has a great storyline to it. I recommend this book to literally anyone that can read. It is a great book with two other awesome books to come. It's a must read series!! Like this book? Read online this: The Book Of You (Raising happy kids Children books collection), Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World.

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