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In hindsight, it is clear that the Confederacy made a major error giving command of their Army of Tennessee to General John Bell Hood. Shrouds of Glory PDF EBook He was excellent at division command. There is some question about his ability at Corps command (note his hesitation at a critical moment during Joe Johnston's retreat toward Atlanta, with Sherman pressing his army). This book, most literately written by the author of "Forrest Gump" and other novels, depicts the leadup to and campaign toward Nashville. This was the last major offensive effort by Southern forces—and it was a disaster, in effect destroying one of the two great armies of the Confederacy.

The author, Winston Groom, begins by noting (Page 3): "[This story:] is about the last big Confederate campaign of the Civil War—the trek of the Armey of Tennessee from Atlanta to Nashville. . . ." The book traces the movement by Sherman, with three component armies (Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland) against Joe Johnston's forces. Slowly, Johnston gave ground, until his forces were pushed back to Atlanta itself. In part because of Hood's intriguing, Johnston was removed, to be replaced by Hood. Hood himself is an intriguing figure, and this book captures his persona (including his ill- PDFfated courtship of Sally Preston).

We see his forces being used to try to save Atlanta, but—ultimately—defeated by Sherman. Then, his retrograde movement and his ultimate decision to take the offensive toward Nashville, hoping to turn the fortunes of the Confederacy around. His advance and the coalescing of a scratch force made up of many disparate forces under Union General George Thomas is well told. The near great victory at Spring Hill (and speculation as to what went wrong) and its ghastly consequence at Franklin are related. Then, the foolhardy drive to Nashville, after the decimation of his forces at Franklin. And, ultimately, Thomas' smashing victory over Hood.

The final segment of the book traces the lives of key figures after the war's end. . . .

Overall, a well written work. Not much new is related here. But for the person who wants a literate review of the final offensive by the South, this will be a useful work.
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