Sidesaddle (Saddle Club, #88)

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There's a new rider at Pine Hollow Stables. Sidesaddle (Saddle Club, #88) PDF EBook Her name is Tiffani, with an "i." Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood think she's a good rider, but Stevie Lake can't get over her riding gear — pink and covered in lace and frills. Suddenly Stevie's in competition with Tiffani, determined to win at all costs — even if it means learning to jump fences riding sidesaddle. Stevie's friends are convinced that she has lost her mind. But Stevie's determined to "out- PDFgirl" everyone. She's even bought a fluffy, pink sweater! Like this book? Read online this: Little Stevie Wonder Cloth Picture Book, Rodeo Rider (Saddle Club, #12).

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