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Silence is a fast- PDFpaced adventure romance, taking the reader from the glory of early Hollywood to the splendor of England of the 1920s. Silence PDF EBook

Hollywood at the end of the silent film era. A dream world driven by illusion. Tiege Cargill is Weirlech Films most promising director, his friend and mentor Fritz Weirlech has left him the studio and his private fortune. D.W. Kolten, nephew to Fritz Weirlech has stolen the fortune through a faked will and sent Tiege to England to make his last movie. Tiege disappears after a car wreck and is found by a young English farm girl named Catherine Pearce. She has no idea who the mysterious stranger is or how famous he is. She only knows she loves him. When Kolten learns of Tiege's disappearance he sees this as a chance to be rid of him once and for all. Plans are made to complete the film in secrecy and make certain Tiege does not make it back to Hollywood alive!

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