SILK Volume Two

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The second book in the sexy new Silk serial by New York Times bestselling author K. SILK Volume Two PDF EBookM. Scott!

Addiction and obsession brought Ian and Kristina together, and real life tore them apart.

For Ian, Kristina is everything. What began as an obsession has morphed into that something more he so wanted. Kristina is his muse and so much more, but now both of them must make choices that may change everything.

For Kristina, Ian offers all that she's ever wanted. Love. Passion. Adoration. But these come with a price, and the cost of loving him may be more than she's willing to pay.

This serial is not meant to be a complete story in each volume, so expecting a happily ever after at the end of each part is a mistake. SILK is a continuing story involving one couple, Ian and Kristina, and this is their story. There will be a happily ever after at the end of the entire serial, however. Also, four volumes will be all there is to SILK. This is not a story that's meant to go on after those four parts.

SILK is meant to be erotic, and while it has a story in addition to the sex, that story is one of addiction and obsession, both sexually and non- PDFsexually. Ian and Kristina are flawed and broken, and their story is one of mad and desperate love.

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