Simple Sewing with a French Twist

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There are some good ideas in this super pretty book, but they're not quite challenging or arty enough to get five stars from me. Simple Sewing with a French Twist PDF EBook As other commenters have mentioned, I don't need a pattern for a square pillow or, even, let's be honest, a duvet cover - PDF the patterns in this book are easy to the point of completely unnecessary. But of course, these books aren't really about the specific patterns, but about pretty pictures and inspiration more generally. Still, I would've liked to see some more complicated and original projects.

Also, too much of a "French Twist" can get a bit cloying - I'm not about to sew cafe curtains with French words on them for my Oakland house. That's just snooty (now, some other type of embroidered linen hand-towel cafe curtains? could be very cute). I adore that 40s-60s "An American in Paris"-esque style, but com'on people - it's all about subtlety, subtlety, subtlety. Like this book? Read online this: Mr. Noisy's Book of Patterns, Beginner French (Collins Language Revolution: French).

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