Singling Out The Couples

PDF EBook by Stella Duffy

EBook Description

What a strange little book this was. Singling Out The Couples PDF EBook Singling Out The Couples is told in the style of a modern- PDFday fairytale told from the perspective of evil Princess Cushla as she runs around Notting Hill splitting up couples — fiancé download; s, spouses, long-term relationships, both hetero and homosexual — and breaking hearts because she herself has no heart and wants to be Queen. The book does a great job of exposing the fragility, pretension and smug narcism of couple-love and is often witty and funny in its cynicism. The writing style, themes and point Duffy seemed to be making very much reminded me of another book I read this year called Friction by Joe Stretch. Of course because Duffy is female her book gets the chick-lit cover whilst Stretch gets something bold and artistic...

The ending was... odd. Very odd. And for me, personally, it did ruin the rest of the book. (view spoiler)