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As author, poet, and editor, Jane Yolen has published more than 150books and has won two Nebula Awards, the Caldecott Medal, the World FantasyAward, the Rhysling Award, the Daedalus Award, the Kerlan Award, and the Academyof American Poets Prize. Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories PDF EBook She has written one of the 20th century's greatesthigh- PDFfantasy series, the Chronicles of Great Alta (Sister Light, Sister Dark,White Jenna, and The One-Armed Queen). Her firstcollection of short fiction for adults is Sister Emily's Lightship and OtherStories. It assembles 28 stories, three of which are original to thisvolume, many of which take the form of folk or fairy tales, and all of which areexcellent. Sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, the stories are alwaysbeautifully written, sharp, and wise.

"Snow in Summer" portrays a modern, Appalachian Snow White with afringe-Fundamentalist snake-handling stepmother. "Granny Rumple" reveals thegrim origin of Rumplestiltskin. A prequel to the Chronicles of Great Alta,"Blood Sister" explores both love and the nature of narrative. In "The Gift ofthe Magicians, with Apologies to You Know Who," Beauty and the Beast meet with ahorrifically suitable O. Henry twist. The Nebula Award winning "Lost Girls"revisits Peter Pan's Neverland with a feminist slant. "Dick W. and His Pussy; download; or, Tess and Her Adequate Dick" is an amusingly naughty retold fairy tale. Inthe Nebula Award winner "Sister Emily's Lightship," the poet Emily Dickinsonfinds a strange and otherworldly inspiration. —Cynthia Ward

The Traveler and the Tale (1995)
Snow in Summer (2000)
Speaking to the Wind (2000)
The Thirteenth Fey (1985)
Granny Rumple (1994)
Blood Sister (1994)
Journey into the Dark (1995)
The Sleep of Trees (1980)
The Uncorking of Uncle Finn (1986)
Dusty Loves (1988)
The Gift of the Magicians, with Apologies to You Know Who (1992)
Sister Death (1995)
The Singer and the Song (2000)
Salvage (1984)
Lost Girls (1998)
Belle Bloody Merciless Dame (1997)
Words of Power (1987)
Great Gray (1991)
Under the Hill (2000)
Godmother Death (1997)
Creationism: An Illustrated Lecture in Two Parts (1990)
Allerleirauh (1995)
Sun/Flight (1982)
Dick W. and His Pussy; or, Tess and Her Adequate Dick (1997)
Become a Warrior (1998)
Memoirs of a Bottle Djinni (1988)
A Ghost of an Affair (2000)
Sister Emily's Lightship (1996)

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