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Sá download; ndor Petőfi was a Hungarian national poet of Serb and Slovak descent and a key figure in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Sixty Poems PDF EBook

Petőfi started his career as a poet with so- PDFcalled "popular situation songs", to which his first published poem, A borozó ("The Winery", 1842), belongs. It is the song of a drinker praising the healing power of wine to drive away all troubles. This kind of pseudo-folk song was not unusual in Hungarian poetry of the 1840s, but Petőfi soon developed an original and fresh voice which made him stand out. He wrote many folk song-like poems on the subjects of wine, love, romantic robbers etc. Many of these early poems have become classics, for example the love poem A virágnak megtiltani nem lehet ("You Cannot Forbid the Flower", 1843), or Befordultam a konyhára ("I Turned into the Kitchen", 1843) which uses the ancient metaphor of love and fire in a playful and somewhat provocative way.

The influence of folk poetry and 19th-century populism is very significant in Petőfi's work, but other influences are also present: Petőfi drew on sources such as topoi of contemporary almanac-poetry in an inventive way, and was familiar with the works of major literary figures of his day, including Percy Bysshe Shelley, Pierre-Jean de Béranger and Heinrich Heine. Like this book? Read online this: Folk Song Collection for Guitar Ensemble, The Sixty-Eight Rooms (Sixty-Eight Rooms #1).

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