Slave of the Outlands

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Romantic B& download; D with a Future Twist from the #1 Bestselling Author of Erotica!

All young women in the Colony, they have been indoctrinated since birth by the State with the belief that they will find fulfillment only by becoming the property of a male when they turn nineteen. Slave of the Outlands PDF EBook Their new masters will breed them, keeping them as pets until they are passed their peak fertility years.

About to be nineteen, Jesalin, on the other hand, is a rebel. She's determined to hang onto her freedom at any cost. Even if it means breaching the walls of the Colony and journeying into the dreaded, post- PDFapocalyptic Outlands.

Jeslian's on the verge of escape through a secret tunnel when she discovers a mysterious prisoner, a huge, muscular barbarian. The man's captor is a powerful Colony official concocting a plot to overthrow the government. He intends to silence Jesalin by making her his slave, but when the barbarian escapes and kidnaps Jesalin across the wall she finds herself subject to a form of domination and sexual bondage no Colony woman has dared dream of. Like this book? Read online this: Colony Z (Vol. 1), To Be a Slave.

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