Slave to her Desires (Succubus Diaries, #3.6)

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(Note: While this novella is set in the world of the Succubus Diaries, it is not necessary to read the series to enjoy the novella. Slave to her Desires (Succubus Diaries, #3.6) PDF EBook)

Immortality is not always a blessing. Turned into a succubus against her will, Olivia Rhodes has lived the past 120 years as a slave to her cruel and vindictive vampire master. She's escaped him, but he's closing in fast. Her only hope? The fallen angel that abandoned her when she was turned, David Thornton.

But David's not the cold- PDFhearted monster she's always thought he was...nor did he abandon her. And when Olivia's hatred of David turns to desire, will her need for revenge against her vampire master destroy the one beautiful thing in her life, or will she find a way to make David love her despite the creature she's become?

This novella (34,000 words), features a succubus enslaved to her needs, a sleeping beauty, and some explosive sex on a monastery floor.

"I didn't know that he was cursed," I said softly, then looked up at Noah. "So how would I lift this curse if I wanted to?"

Noah gave me a wry look. "You could try the old fashioned way."

A kiss to wake up a sleeping prince, like in the fairy tales. My stomach churned at the thought. I'd known that I'd have to sleep with David to survive - my succubus instincts had accepted that part of the bargain - but for some reason, a kiss was...personal. Romantic. Tied to emotions that I couldn't possibly feel. I didn't want to kiss the man I'd just spent the last century hating. To make matters worse, I wasn't even sure that my hate was justified. I brushed my fingertips over his cool face again, thinking hard. Did I want to wake David up? What would I say to him? I wanted to hold onto my anger, but what...what if he woke up and it was totally unfounded?

Who was I if I wasn't bitter with hatred for both of my masters?

I shook my head. This was stupid. It was just a damn kiss. I leaned in and slid my hands under his neck, pulling his face toward mine and pressing my mouth against his. His lips were cool, unyielding against mine, but the feel of them evoked a strong surge of emotion in me that I didn't like. I stroked my tongue into his mouth, parting his lips with my questing. Like it or not, I needed David, and his being cursed was a damn nuisance and an even bigger pain in the ass than I'd anticipated.

And he tasted better than I remembered, too. That was galling. Perhaps it was just my succubus curse, which was due to drive me insane within hours. Perhaps it was something to do with the Serim themselves, but his mouth was sweet under my own, and as I brushed my tongue against his, I felt a spike of desire.

I had to kiss the bastard. I hadn't expected to like it. Disgusted with myself, I dropped his head. It thunked back against the pallet and made a hard noise that my disgruntled psyche found oddly pleasing. And I watched him, waiting.

Sure enough, David's jaw moved slightly, then flexed in a yawn, and as I watched, his eyes fluttered open.

God, he was beautiful.

God, I hated him.

God, I was so, so confused. Like this book? Read online this: True Christian love. To be sung with any of the common tunes of the psalms. Written by the late reverend and learned Mr. David Dickson, ... To which is added, Honey drops, or, chrystal streams flowing from Christ the fountain and head thereof., The Succubus' Sub.

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