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A well- PDFwritten and in-depth exploration of the slave tribes of the Dark Sun world. Slave Tribes PDF EBook I was impressed that it not only presented detailed setting information, but philosophical expositions on the nature, origins and purpose of slavery on Athas. Slavery is a touchy subject in America, but you couldn't tell it from this book. It details the institution from the perspective that it is a universal and accepted—if not necessarily desirable—practice.

The detailed descriptions of the various slave tribes—some who take slaves themselves, some who kill for the joy of killing, some who work to free other slaves, and some who are just trying to get by—are very useful, though of course the character statistics are based on 2nd Edition AD& download; D and need to be updated if they are intended to be used in a 4th Edition Dark Sun game. The village creation information in the appendix is especially worthwhile, and usable under any rules system.

My major problem with this book is that it focuses on a very narrow range of tribes: Those of escaped slaves who have settled down and turned to raiding. Since this is just about all the information we have on the villages of Athas, information on other sorts of settlements would have been really worthwhile. No mention whatsoever is given to halfling villages, half-giant clans, agricultural settlements, barbarian tribes, trading posts, or city-state client villages, and the information on creating villages is also dedicated solely to slave tribes. This is a serious omission, in my opinion, though in keeping with the book's title.

The art also leaves something to be desired (except for Brom's cover, which is beautiful, although the sun seems to be the wrong color). As has been noted many times, Baxa's Dark Sun work is far from top-notch, though nothing here is too awful. Like this book? Read online this: The Mammoth Book of Useless Information, Powhatan Tribes.

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