Snake Pit Gets Old

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I love it! My 12- PDFyear-old son loves it! My much more critical of the scene husband is on the verge of loving it. Snake Pit Gets Old PDF EBook

His drawings of himself at work never fail to crack me up.

His wife, Karen is a lucky lady to have a husband so tender and appreciative in his depictions of her.

What an achievement this is - to set down some of the minutae of daily living, punctuated now and then with a big newsday, sometimes personal, sometimes global. Go back to the beginning of this long running project. It's mesmerizing.

Ben is also a poster child for how to be funny and self-effacing in the realm of autobiography. He's turns out to be a really reliable everyman. You'll want to eat where he eats. You'll be glad his hangovers aren't yours (unless they are, in which case, my condolences.)

I'm so glad he decided to NOT pull the plug on this project as he was threatening to for a while there. I can't wait to see where the story goes, even if it doesn't go much of anywhere.
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