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The book is many different stories. Sniper PDF EBook Short and long. The stories are told from many different snipers. They're also told from the snipers spotter so you get a different perspective other than just the snipers. I cant give a full summary of the book because its a lot of different stories but I found them very well told stories.

I liked the book for a couple good reasons. One reason is that it is not one long dragged out story. It is multiple stories from multiple snipers which keeps me interested. What I also like is the fact that I got so many different perspectives. That made me love the book because there was always a new perspective and new morals and view of the person telling the story. One more reason I liked it was because it gave me a look at what being a sniper is like and what kind of mindset those people have. Also it was cool to see what they all go through and how they react to their situations.

There are only one or two reasons why I disliked the book. One reason is that some of the stories were bland and boring. Also that some of the stories didn't have that much of an impact on me as others in the book. One more reason I didn't like it was because there were so many stories that I don't remember all of them I only remember a few.

I would recommend this to everyone. Especially people like myself who love war and history type books. Also i would recommend it to people who are looking to go into the military as this is a good way to see what it is like. I give it 5 stars. Like this book? Read online this: Erotic Stories (Erotic Stories Quickies Collection Book 1), The 21st Century Sniper.

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