Sons from Afar (Tillerman Cycle, #6)

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I reread this recently, as part of my reread of the entire Tillerman cycle. Sons from Afar (Tillerman Cycle, #6) PDF EBook I don't think I've reread the entire cycle in the stated order in a long time. I've always liked some books of it more than others, and this is one of my lesser favourites, though I'm never entirely sure why. perhaps it's because I really like Dicey, and she barely features in this book. Perhaps it's because I don't entirely agree with the way Sammy and James act on one or two of their trips in search of information. Perhaps its because, at the end of it all, they end up knowing very little more, and I wish they came to know more, for all that they looked and searched and hoped.

But for all that, I really do like Voigt's writing, I like her turn of phrase and the way she covers the introspective moments. I like the way her characters become real people, and their hopes and dreams and wishes and hardships and work seem to eat away at you, turning you into their very own cheerleading section (only not in a brash way). The triumphs are the best part, and the understanding of those teachers worth writing about. Like this book? Read online this: Entire Functions, Canada from Afar.

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