Sophomore (Class of '88, # 2)

PDF EBook by Linda A. Cooney

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Five friends. Sophomore (Class of '88, # 2) PDF EBook Nick the golden boy, Celia the beautiful, Sean the thinker, Allie the wild, Meg the brave.

Celia flirts outrageously with Redwood High's #1 b- PDFball star. She's not really using him...she's just trying to get ahead. Meg's got a new guy, too. So what if Nick thinks he's too wild for her? Nick doesn't know everything about Meg. He doesn't know everything about his buddy Sean, either. Sean sees more than people think he does—especially about what's happening between L.P. and Allie.

When five friends make it this far together, why should sophomore year tear them apart? Like this book? Read online this: Sean Duffy, Nimitz Class ;Kilo Class..

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