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A major major disappointment. Sorcerer's Apprentice PDF EBookSeriously, this is probably the worst book I've ever seen from a great player (and I don't even exempt Reshevsky's offerings from that remark).

I guess I should've realizedfrom the beginning that I was in for a letdown with the early chapter of advice to beginners.Then I came across a chapter of games with one position from each diagrammed...and not really much of an explanation about any of it (and certainly no annotations or words of wisdom about the rest of the moves).Later on there were a bunch of games "with diagrams" (which apparently were deemed so illuminating that they would take the place of notes).And we finished up with a slew of "picturesque" games (although how that adjective applied to some of them was beyond all conjecture on my part).I'm not sure what was supposed to be so terribly eye- PDFcatching about his 120-move queen ending loss to Alexander, for example.

The only really usable section of this book was the 50 annotated games.But even here (as throughout) Bronstein comes off like a thorough-going space cadet.Seriously, he sounds like he's just tumbled out of Spicoli's van, and you're barely able to discern his vague outline through a haze of smoke while he coughs up his latest imponderable dictum (no doubt about it, the man definitely puts the "sage" in "sagely").

In addition to all of this, his snide little ongoing spat with Botvinnik infuses the pages and belies his whole message of Love of Chess and Being Above All Competition, one which he is so obviously trying to embody.Truthfully, I would've given this godawful mess 1 star, but a collection of 200 Bronstein games (even if they are largely unannotated) has to be worth something anyway... Like this book? Read online this: Capablanca's One Hundred Best Games Of Chess, The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Raven Hill Mysteries, #2).

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