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3. Soul Enchilada PDF EBook5 stars.

(original review from October 2009 with a few edits)

Soul Enchilada is about Eunice "Bug" Smoot, an eighteen- PDFyear-old El Pasoan girl who is struggling to pay her rent and keep a steady job. It seems like things can't get any worse when her landlord pins an eviction notice on her door, but it turns out that Bug's grandfather sold his soul to the Devil in order to buy a car and skipped out on the contract before paying up. Now the devil is out to get Bug, who is the owner of the Cadillac. Bug meets a lot of colorful characters while trying to escape her impeding doom, such as Pesto, the super cute car wash evil fighting boy, and E.Figgs, the tough woman who once had an affair with the devil herself.

This was a book that I picked up based on the cover. I thought it looked interesting, although a bit strange. The book itself was pretty good, and the strongest thing about it for me was the premise. People selling their souls to the devil in order to get baseball tickets? You can't get cooler than that. Also, I enjoyed learning about Hispanic culture, because I had not been exposed to it before. While at times the execution of the premise could've been handled better, I still really enjoyed this book. (by the way, I actually dislike enchiladas. ha.)

(July 2011 update... I guess)

I'm adding a little clarification to the top of this review so that people are aware I'm giving it 3.5 stars instead of 4. The writing was a bit clunky but other than that I still stand by my 4-star rating.

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