Space Bush

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About a year ago, Paul Miller woke up in a space ship. Space Bush PDF EBook The way it happened was like this. Paul Miller and Fred Reap attempt to seduce a pair of twins but instead they find themselves abducted by aliens and sold into slavery. Their only hope at escape will be the sudden chance to participate in the intergalactic, Reality- PDFTV-inspired SPACE BUSH contest during which Paul and Fred must bait and bed a host of extra-terrestrials for the brain-dead entertainment of an unseen audience. Along the way, Fred falls for a wily "sex-bot" modeled after the pop-star Rihanna. And their goal of winning the SPACE BUSH contest is further threatened when Paul meets Troo, a casual cannibal and remarkable poetess. Now these erstwhile misogynists are faced with a choice: embrace these new possibilities or cling to what is dearest back on Earth? As the SPACE BUSH contest progresses, Paul Miller's narration of the duo's ongoing misadventures forms the basis of The Sex Addict's Guide to the Galaxy, a bizarro story of wretched excess, human folly, and body fluids. It's a tale that will take the reader on a darkly hilarious journey through the galaxy and, possibly, back to where it all began: a strip-mall in Indiana. Like this book? Read online this: A Body in Belmont Harbor (Paul Whelan, #2), Chanur's Endgame (Compact Space, #4-5) (Compact Space, #4-5) (Alliance-Union Universe).

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