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In this up- PDFto-date and engaging tour of Spain through the ages, one of the world's leading authorities on the history of Spain, Sir Raymond Carr, provides an authoritative overview of a country that has played a vital role in the history of the Western world. Spain PDF EBook
He tells of prehistoric Spain and of the imposition of Roman rule, which created the idea of Hispania as a single entity. There are knowledgeable discussions of the Visigoth monarchy, Moorish Spain, the establishment of an empire, and the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. Carr examines not only the political and economic development of Spain, but also the extraordinary artistic and literary achievements of the Spanish people. He charts the rise and fall of liberalism in the nineteenth century, and the subsequent period of political instability culminating in the Civil War and authoritarian rule. The book concludes with a look at modern Spain as a fully integrated and enthusiastic member of the European community.
Attractively illustrated throughout, Spain: A History is the best historical account of Spain currently available for general readers. Like this book? Read online this: History and the Historians of Medieval Spain, The A to Z of Spain.

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