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Friendless drama queen Diwata bamboozles cynical, gay Howie and earnest journalist- PDFwannabe Solomon into joining the Speech and Debate Club in order to give herself an extracurricular activity for her college applications but, more importantly, to avenge herself on her high school drama teacher who refuses to cast the over-the-top Diwata in leading roles. Speech and Debate PDF EBook Usually, such a play descends into a trite, if funny, exploration of how the threesome become fast friends.

However, this is no Disney movie. Instead, in this dark comedy, the trio of misfits shed a light on the hypocrisy of adults and the difficulty for young people trying to navigate a road that avoids the mistakes of their elders. Set in Salem, Ore., the play uses (in Diwata's words) "Salem, Massachusetts, circa sixteen-twenty-whenever-those-witches-were-bein'-hunted" to show how today's society isn't much less hypocritical or puritanical than the society Arthur Miller wrote about.

While anyone would enjoy the dramatization of Stephen Karam's Speech and Debate, teenagers will simply adore it. Like this book? Read online this: Threesome at the Rock Show, The Great Debate.

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