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Spin a soft black song is a 57 page book filled with a collection of different forms of poetry including narrative,concrete, and cinquain. Spin a Soft Black Song PDF EBookThis book is appropriate for ages primary to advanced. This book should be read because it explores some of the activities of the black community. Although it is written for black children i think all children should read it so that we might get to know each others culture.
Most of the poems have a flat characters as they do not alter their personality. There is no single plot to the book yet each poem has a single flat plot.Each poem tells its story in a few lines. Alliteration, free verse, meter, imagery, and simile are all used in this compilation of poems. 'james snowball stand' is free verse and begins with "snowballs are funwhen the streets are covered with the white liquid" , the middle says, "but they mean that much more to me the climax begins with when james puts raspberry and cherry and ends ,"on them in july". This type of poetry is recurring throughout the book.Imagery is used when telling about the street and the side walk in the boy in the barbershop, personification is present in this book as well.There are many styles in Spin a soft black song and some poems my need to be read several times to fully understand it. Some of the content may conjure up memories of the past while some of the word choices help to enhance the meaning. Artistic elements are all there in each poem. Space is shown in 'mrs. martha jean black'.The three characters are in the middle of the picture which draws our attention to them, color of black and white shows saturation and hue. Line is shown in the poem somethings are funny like that and texture is shown in the poem George. I give this book a star rating of four. Like this book? Read online this: Black and White (Storm's Soldiers MC Book 1), Spin.

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