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I didn't enjoy "Spring Fever" as much as I thought I would, which upsets me because I enjoy Yugi Yamada's work. Spring Fever PDF EBook I really wanted to like this story! It's not like I hated it, I just felt that too much was happening in such a short amount of time. It definitely should've been it's own manga for all of the content it was trying to deal with, maybe even with multiple volumes.

The 20 year age difference (especially with Takami being in Yusuke's life when he was a baby) alone was enough to carry the story, but then we had the death of Takami's wife, the affair he had with her brother, the kidnapping of his son, and the female love interest with Yusuke.

I didn't care for Takami too much as a character because he had a tendency to push Yusuke away but then cling to him when Masaaki came around. He just seemed very irresponsible for being the adult in the relationship, especially when he left Yu alone in the middle of the night to go out with Yusuke after an encounter with Masaaki (which, of course, leads to the kidnapping). The whole Masaaki/Takami plot was resolved too easily, in my opinion. If Masaaki was willing to kidnap his own nephew then there's no way he should've just ended things after a punch to the face and a conversation in the middle of a playground. That just made the kidnapping feel too extreme for his character. I expected him to be a bit more... psychotic? To try harder? To be a bit more forceful? He simply came off as a tool to get Takami to cling to Yusuke after refusing him because as soon as he came knocking on the door, Takami was more than happy to have Yusuke rescue him and jump into his arms.

"Wildman Blues," on the other hand, I loved to death. I've loved Naoki as a character ever since I read "Glass Sky." I loved the fact that his stories dealt with being gay, not just being in love with another boy. This story does the same, only we get to see it in both Naoki and Ayu's point of view. The scene where Naoki forces himself on Ayu to push him away is just painful to read, especially when Ayu calls him a fag and Naoki smiles, saying, "That's right. I'm a fag." I love the way their relationship progresses, from middle school, to high school, and then to present day. We get Ayu's point of view first, up to the point of the incident in high school, then it switches to Naoki's point of view as he deals with his guilt for hurting the only real friend he had during the hard times in his life. I was so happy when Ayu didn't let Naoki push him away again, and when they finally got together I almost put the book down and started clapping. I'm not sure, but I believe Ayu is the boyfriend Naoki has in the epilogue of "Glass Sky" and in "Laugh under the Sun," which would show that they stayed together.

All and all, I'd say that this book is worth the purchase, but moreso for "Wildman Blues." "Spring Fever," again, isn't horrible, I just expected more because of all of the issues that continued to pop up in it.

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