Standing for Socks

PDF EBook by Elissa Brent Weissman

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When Fara Ross puts on mismatched socks accidentally one morning, little does she know that it will ignite her political career. Standing for Socks PDF EBook What begins as a wardrobe malfunction grows into an expression of freedom in footwear, and that can only lead to bigger things — like the race for sixth- PDFgrade student council president.

Fara knows she is perfect for the job. But as the election nears, she realizes that everyone, from her friends on her campaign team to her entire town, is paying more attention to her socks than to the issues that she stands for. All Fara wants is to serve the community. Does she have the creativity and the passion that it takes to help people see beyond her feet? Even at the cost of her friendships? Who knew that socks could spark such a revolution — and so many problems?! Like this book? Read online this: Lace Socks, Lace Socks.

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