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As many fans will understand the story of Star Wars is vast, very vast! To the young boys mind this book takes the unique approach to a graphic novel setting of the television cartoon Star Wars Clone Wars. Star Wars PDF EBook The Star Wars franchise exist in almost any form of media entertainment you can think of and this comes to no surprise given how successful it has been. This story takes place in the timeline that references the newer generation of movies and focuses on a time where great turmoil and oppression is just starting to arise. To the young mind of sci fi cravings this book does a great job of filling in some blanks left out of the movies and better saved for this series. The book is hardcover with traditional comic action styled in your face illustrations. It is hard hitting and sleek. Although this book is based off the cartoon the illustrative style is unique and defined many whole pages are filled with an elaborate portrait and other characters jump off of their frames and overlap with others. I appreciate the boldness and attention here as it enlightens the young boys minds and sparks. even more interest in an already complex story. Like this book? Read online this: Return to Ord Mantell (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, #12), Last Stand on Jabiim (Star Wars: Clone Wars, #3).

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