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A solid collection of enjoyable stories. Star Wars PDF EBook One comical story involves Yoda arriving in a town of alien hillbillies, all of whom mock him and his massive cargo. When a droid army arrives, Yoda unlimbers his cargo: a massive cannon, and proceeds to annihilate the droid army and shock his detractors.

The other two stories are very enjoyable. In the first, Count Dooku is testing his new warlord accomplice, General Grievous. He brings in his evil henchmen Asaj Ventress and Durge to investigate an “intrusion” on his ship. Grievous, with a combination of enjoyably evil banter and epic combat ability engages these henchmen in a murderous game of cat- PDFand-mouse (set in some sort of weird museum part of Dooku’s ship).

The other tale is a combination of commando combat and ultimate tragedy. A diplomatic pouch destined for Chancellor Palpatine has been stolen by some mercenaries on Ord Mantell, who plan to sell it to the Separatists. A team of Clone Commandos engages the mercenaries in a series of firefights across town. Somehow these thugs manage to annihilate the entire team until only one mercenary and one clone commando is left. The commando kills his adversary and recovers the pouch. The story ends with a cruel bit of irony: it turns out that the package contains a worthless gift from some diplomat or other, and that Palpatine has received thousands of these sort of things already. Why exactly did the Separatists want it so bad?
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