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Volume 5, The Best Blades, is one of the best installments of the Clone Wars graphic novel series. Star Wars PDF EBookThe action takes place on multiple fronts. Senator Bail Organa tries to keep Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from acquiring still more power, while on Merson, a self- PDFdescribed "ordinary Jedi," Ron-Har Kim from Naboo, discovers the folly of having entered into a trust with Palpatine.On the more positive side for the Republic, a hero thought lost makes a return in "Hate and Fear," which also reveals the back story of the vicious Asajj Ventress.But in the title story, Yoda's trip to Thustra severely tests his resolve for nonviolent resolution and his belief that "the best blades are kept in their sheaths."The dynamic storiesoriginally appeared in Star Wars Republic issues 61, 64, 60, and 62 and in Star Wars: Jedi—Yoda and were written by John Ostrander, Haden Blackman, and Jeremy Barlow, and illustrated by Brandon Badeaux, Armando Durruthy, Tomas Giorello, HOON, Ramiro Montanez, and Stacy Michalcewicz.—David Horiuchi Like this book? Read online this: The Lost Suns (Star Wars: The Old Republic Comic, #3), Last Stand on Jabiim (Star Wars: Clone Wars, #3).

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