Starry Skies (My Secret Unicorn, #15)

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So then, the final book in the wonderful "My Secret Unicorn" series. Starry Skies (My Secret Unicorn, #15) PDF EBook.. Starry Skies.

This book is the last one ever in the series by Linda Chapman and I have to say that I absolutely love it. The way in which it ends leaves you wanting more, but also leaves you with the knowledge that more would ruin everything. It ends with giving you the assurance that Lauren and Twilight will never leave each other and that they will always be doing good deeds together.

Lauren rises to the challenges given to her extremely well in this book and it shows how she has ultimately progressed throughout the course of the fifteen books. Twilight is still as cute and wonderful as he ever was and everything is just perfect.

The only thing that isn't is the depressing lack of a certain character. If you've read #14 "Keeper of Magic", you'll know who I mean.

I will never stop loving this series, no matter how old I get, and I'm just so sad it's over. I wish Linda Chapman had written more. But then again, if she had, the impact of the series on my life mightn't have been as substantial.

Gosh, I think I might go cry now... Goodbye, everyone. Lauren, Twilight, Mel, Jessica, Mrs Fontana, Currant, Grace, Jo- PDFAnn - EVERYBODY, Goodbye until the next re-read. I adore you all. Like this book? Read online this: Lauren Takes Leave, The Journey Home (The Unicorn's Secret, #8).

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