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1st- PDF4th Grade

April Pulley Sayre makes science interesting for children in this book that tells about the origins of dust. Stars Beneath Your Bed PDF EBookShe gives the student examples of where the dust might have come from and gets their imaginations involved to think of how dust has an effect on our lives.She keeps the subject light by reducing the text to not interfere with the colorful illustrations that are done by Ann Jones.This book gets into the fact that dust is always around us and has been here forever, that makes the reader think about their own place in the universe.I really enjoyed this book and I feel that it can be read to or read by a wide age group as there is something for the younger and older students.

Science/social science - This book can be used in a lesson to find what different things in the classroom amkes up the dust around them.A sticky surface attached to paper and hung in different parts of the class can collect the dust around and then the students can discover the different materials that make up dust by looking at it under a microscope. Like this book? Read online this: Dust, War Beneath the Sea.

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