Starship's Mage

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Starship’s Mage is a serialized adventure set in a future we would never have predicted: where humanity’s far flung interstellar colonies are tied together by the Protectorate of the Mage King of Mars and the magic of the Jump Mages. Starship's Mage PDF EBook

Damien Montgomery is a newly- PDFtrained member of this elite order. Unable to find a ship to take him on, he joins the crew of a freighter as desperate as he is – without looking hard enough at why they’re desperate.

Thus begins an adventure that will take him to the edges of known space and to the limits of his own magic.

Episode 2 is targeted for release in March of 2014. Like this book? Read online this: Jean Hugard's MAGIC MONTHLY VOL.1.10 march 1944 Digital Reissued (Old Magic Magazines HMM-1.10), Starship (Starship, #2).

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