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STATE OF THE UNION. State of the Union PDF EBook(1945).Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.*****
This drama premiered in New York with Ralph Bellamy in the starring role of Grant Matthews, the erstwhile candidate for President of the United States – almost.This drama, almost sixty- PDFseven years old, is as timely today as it was on its opening night.It went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1946.It is not only about the state of our Union, but the state of the union between Grant and his wife, Mary, played by Ruth Hussey in the original.Grant is a man who speaks his mind, and, on a tour of his several manufacturing plants he gave speeches to his work crews that attracted lots of local attention beyond his employees.That attention also attracted both local and national pols who sorely needed a viable candidate to put up for president as their Republican nominee.The Democrats had been in control of the White House for a long time and the Republicans needed a comeback in the worst way.Grant was an ideal candidate as far as the people were concerned because he spoke his mind and spoke to the voters as Americans, not as special interest groups.He soon learned, however, that everyone had a secret agenda, agendas that had to be addressed in order to garner their votes.This was in direct conflict with Grant’s philosophy and with his wife’s beliefs, too.The couple had been on the outs prior to his not from the Republican big-wigs, but as soon as Grant began to crumble, Mary went back to her old self again.Although the ending might have been somewhat predictable, it is still a fine play and should be read by everyone who is concerned with the process of government.Lindsay and Crouse were not a one-trick pony, but had a string of previous successes behind them, including “Anything Goes,” (with music by Cole Porter), a musical “Red, Hot, and Blue,” which introduced Bob Hope to the public, and “Life With Father.”Highly recommended.
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