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i first heard the poem, "steel cables," when it was recited by the poet at his son's wedding reception. Steel Cables - PDF Love Poems from Adam Rib PDF EBook perhaps it was the effect of place and time, but i was deeply moved.

a few weeks later the entire "steel cables" collection arrived in the mail, a surprise gift. the other poems in the collection are witty and fun, but none hold a candle to the title poem.

here it is:

steel cables.

it blossomed fragile as a morning glory
the love of our youth
how i loved you then!
we rolled in love like bear cubs.
bold as the sun
i took you in my arms
and charged into our life.

and now the years have come and gone
each taking its own shape
like wild honeycomb,
thick with the nectar of a thousand joys
and a thousand tears,
and sometimes...
it's hard to remember how i loved you then.
and sometimes it's hard to say how i love you now.

like steel cables
they build bridges with
that twist and swing through storms
i love you.

like the force
that makes our tree
sprout green buds each spring
i love you.

like breath in my lungs
and blood in my veins
and tears in my eyes
i love you.

and i want little more
from this second half of life
than to be with you,
and to love you tomorrow
as i have loved you today.

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